Living in Dacca:

(A Shopping and Information Guide)

By Mary Frances Dunham, Patricia Hill and Dorothy Rutherford. Illustrations by Daniel Dunham

This was the first guide book for Dacca (sic), East Pakistan to be published in English. MFD and her close friends, Pat Hill and Dee Rutherford, collaborated on this book because they were tired of answering the same questions for every new wave of Americans moving to the city in the 1960s. The book is filled with practical advice and explanations to help foreign visitors and residents adapt to life in Dacca (now Dhaka).  The maps and sketches throughout the book were done by my father, Daniel Dunham.  The book proved so successful that it has had three editions since it was first published in 1968.

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Library card reference

Dacca Map

On Servants

On Customs

On Seasons

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  1. I will come back afterwards, after I have done a browse.
    Here, not on Memsab but the picture of Dunham , This is the best picture of Dan , so well composed and elegant, as he seats beside Mary Frances.

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