Pat Hill's In the Moon-Bazar & Short Pieces

Stories assembled by Mary Frances Dunham and graphic design by Katherine Dunham

Pat Hill was one of Mary Frances’ closest friends when they both lived in Dhaka in the 1960’s. Pat’s stories of her experiences living in Dhaka and abroad provide a witty alternative take on many of MFD’s same experiences. Anyone who has enjoyed MFD’s Dhaka memoirs, Some Weep, Some Laugh, should definitely read Pat’s “In the Moon-Bazar”.

Short Pieces

This book is a collection of stories by Patricia Hill recounting her travels and experiences living abroad including, in Dhaka, in Delhi, in Saigon and in Cyprus.

In the Moon-Bazar

In this book Patricia Hill writes about her experiences living with her family in Dacca, Bangladesh during the 1960s. It’s a pleasure to read for anyone who has enjoyed MFD’s memoirs of Dacca in the 1960’s.

Letter to Mary Frances Dunham

Pat wrote this letter to Mary Frances in July 1964, when Mary Frances was in New York preparing to give birth to Katherine.  In the letter Pat describes the daily travails of running a household team of servants in Dacca at that time.  She also captures the isolation expats often felt when they went back to their home ‘villages’ in the USA. 

MFD and Pat Hill with her sons in Dacca, 1960s

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