Jarigan: Muslim Epic Songs of Bangladesh

By Mary Frances Dunham

Published by The University Press Limited, 1997 Dhaka, Bangladesh Sponsored by The Ford Foundation & The University Press Limited.

...in this study we see the remarkable absorption of literature from the Middle East into the Bengali folk songs. Stories from Muharram passion plays, Biblical-Koranic parables, and Arabian Nights romances are all there...
Peter J. Chelkowski
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, New York University, USA.
...a ground breaking study of a major genre of Bangladeshi folk song...valuable to scholars in the filed of South Asia as well as in Islamic studies...
Regula B. Qureshi
Professor of Music, University of Alberta, Canada.

Listen to Jarigan Track 1

Listen to Jarigan Track 2

 Special thanks to Rafique Islam for scanning this book.

2 thoughts on “Jarigan: Muslim Epic Songs of Bangladesh”

  1. Dear Mary Frances,

    You are such a modest person. I did not know your many achievements as a scholar. It is wonderful to see. Bless you. Roy Vollmer

  2. Dear Yaya,
    Each time I pick up this book I am so amazed at the project itself and how beautifully you put it all up together.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to study the subject.

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